Pants by Baby Jane Lingerie

Pants. That’s Canadian for trousers. And since Coquette is a Canadian company, this page is about trousers. (If you looking for sexy underwear, you’ll find them here under Panties.) Our skin-tight wet-look trouser/pants have a kinky little feature of a zip running from front to back, for easy access when the urge strikes. Great for crazy nights out, fab for steamy nights in. 

NEW! Etsu Pants

,,,, £52.99

Hauty embroidery flared lace pants with keyhole on the side.


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,, £39.99

Embossed velvet and matte wet look pant

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Wet Look Pants

,, £32.99

Wet look pants

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Wet Look Pants

,, £59.99

Wet Look Trousers

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